Saturday, October 20, 2007


For some odd known reason I feel like racing this weekend. The majority of my running friends will not be doing the IBM 10k and still I wish to run it. No idea why I wanna race, these things stress me out and it's a 10k a distance I don't like to race. Moving along to the e-mail I received from Coach Ruth this week. Friday is an important night for rest. Go to bed early or if have to stay up late sleep in. Ok, I'm already off to a wrong pre-race start. I worked late Friday night, read on my feet the entire time, and met a friend at 7:30am for our pre-race run. I might have gotten 5 1/2 hours of sleep. Oops. Top that with the fact I feel like poopie-doops today. I'm hoping it's just allergies and can be gone by tomorrow morning. I really wanna give this race everything I've got. I'm not looking for a huge PR I'm well aware of the racing condition I'm not in at this moment, but seriously I wanna run hard. At the moment my legs feel like jello.

Let's go back a bit for the 2 people that read my blog. Remember when I had to get a new hard drive and somethings didn't get backed up. Well, I had forgotten about the tunes dear, precious Wiley had given me. Yay!!! new tunes that I haven't heard in awhile. I'm totally stoked I've been reloading them for my race play list (seems more important than my current school project, wouldn't you agree?) So tomorrow's race is all about enjoying my new found tunes at full blast while enjoying a new course. If I PR it will be icing on the cake. At this moment I'm just looking to run and hopefully not serenade any runners running near me;) I've been known to randomly start singing out loud with the shuffle. Hell, I can't hear me how am I supposed to know I'm out of key???