Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunday Funday

Yeah, I know it's Tuesday..but whatever, I didn't have time to post this on Sunday. Perhaps, this will give you strength to get to the weekend, it's not THAT far away:-)
1:50 pm Sunday I see the text (technically sent at 1:24pm) we'll be at Lucy's Fried Chicken, Be There!!! I haven't seen these folks in a bit and while there were things on the to-do list to be crossed off, I thought, why not? I replied, how long will y'all be there..."we just ordered a TON of food, be here for a bit." Cool, I'll text when leaving house. Response aka, Game On!!!
Enjoy, we sure did!

God Bless, Sunday Funday during the Halloween season. I'm pretty sure it should be considered a full on season of its own...
 I realize I'm a southerner but let it be known, I do NOT like fried chicken, oh the horrors!!! Sad but true.

Love the menu, ignore the man hands.
Ok, ready??? Round 2!
Who doesn't need a Gremlin in their life???

Camo Lone Star in Texas, duh!!!
Color combo love, extra fun for our Sunday!!!

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