Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Chateau Johnson

The Parental Chateau Johnson that is...I don't think my 900 sq.ft. qualifies at this time. With it being Mother's Day this upcoming Sunday I thought I would share some pix of my mom's decorating skills. 
While Mom and I have different taste, she's got vignettes all over the house and I'm more on the minimalist side...I can appreciate her style.

 I thought we needed 2 shots of the above art work...I think it would look really nice in my place:-)
 Always a sore subject between my parents, the TV. My dad LOVE his TV, my mom wants to die that it has to be sooo big...what does one do, surround ugly with beautiful artwork. Problem solved:-) 

 I'm dying to paint my armoire black too. Do you see what's on top of this armoire? My lovely Christmas artwork for my mom. Nevermind it is almost in the ceiling, in their bedroom to never see the light of's not hidden in a closet.

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Wiley said...

That is AWESOME how she surrounded the TV with art.
I want to do that!!!