Friday, May 25, 2012

Art Part 2

Sunday was the final day of the West Austin Studio Tour. I had the bright idea that I would just walk from my house to about 15 different studios. Yeah, all fine and dandy if you don't take into account the 90 degree weather. I almost melted and was plum worn out when I was done.

My FAVORITE artist on Sunday's tour was Valerie Fowler. The amount of work put into each piece is insane. She had some fabulous works on display in my favorite shade of blue. Check her out!
Negotiating Safe Passage
Crepe Myrtle Trees at Night
I thoroughly enjoyed Carolyn Kimball's work as well. She does quite a bit of etching laced with history from her days overseas while her husband worked as a journalist. 
The Long Road
Dome of the Rock
Next up Heidi Stanfield. She lives on a route Bronco and I walk frequently. Her dog usually comes to the gate to bark at us...Now, I've been on the other side of that gate.
The Rebirth of an Artist
Julie Williams does some very cool collage work, kinda on the girly side, but I'm girl so works for me.
Heel to Toe
Animal Spirits

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