Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meeting the Grandparents

Recently I took Bronco to meet his grandparents. He did very well on the long 7 hour drive to Ruston, La. I knew once we got there he'd be a happy camper with lots of land to run, pee and poop on. Not too mention we got to go on lots of runs without a leash, this makes for a happy mama. Now, I really wanted to show the awesome pine trees and lush land that makes up my hometown, but guess what I took pix of buildings instead??? You'll need to trust me, there's some awesome greenery in Ruston!

Hello, Sushi restaurant in big 'ole Ruston...very good I might add. 

This is my mom's old clothing store. She owned it for 27 years. Let's just say my wardrobe has suffered since she sold it. I blame her for my lack of clothing:-)

Ruston High School

Yes, we were the Bearcats...obviously, needed to include Bronco on this one.

I love the architecture of Ruston State Bank. Sorry, I was too lazy to photoshop the cables out...

This is a little blurry, but never fails to crack me up. Bronco is guarding me...those Johnson's are some scary folks. The best part is at night when I shut us in my room, if he heard my parents roaming around he would growl at them, really???

Oh, look what my grandaddy let me do. Someone doesn't get on furniture at home, but wow, does he look at home here.

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