Monday, June 20, 2011

Wall Ideas

Finding possibilities for my living room wall. Although, my place is small this particular wall is large coupled with a high ceiling leaving me with a huge blank space. It has been a storing spot for some of my work from school, but let's be real, time to move on. Lately I've found some things I like and may use. Enjoy~

The yellow looks outstanding here, but that's not the purpose of this pic. I like the variety in the picture frames...color, shape and size.

Black & white is always a winner!
The neutral option for a wall is very soothing. Looks like it's photography from a trip, which is a great way to display fun memories.

This may be a little too predictable for me, but never say never...
I could choose a larger pic then build around it with smaller ones...
I am smitten with this wall. I am in crazy LOVE with the huge white borders around the photos...not saying this would work on my particular wall, but WOW!!! 

*1 via Pinterest
*2 via Pinterest
*5 via Pinterest
*6 via the decorista blog

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