Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Well, I'd like to state the miracle of my blog. Drum roll please- I'm now tied with blog year 2007 for amount of posts for the year. This is lame I know however, I really wanted to ditch this blog all together as of last year. I know, I know I don't write anything I post pictures. Details are overrated. I LOVE VISUALS...so I continue with my picture love. Enjoy~

via Inhabitat Blog
Some cool ass art being installed in my home state, Louisiana. This pavilion is completely biodegradable and currently on display at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. To read more about it's awesomeness click here.

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I have a thing for shapes. I doodle them non-stop. Bless you if you ever need me to take notes for you you will be inundated with my luscious scribble crowding your notes. No idea why I love these simple things I just do. The above is from artist, Andy Gilmore.

via Inhabitat's Blog
Hello, another super cool idea. Upcycled wine bottles as frosted lamps. Jerry Kott the creator of these frosted lamps is brilliant, obviously. More info is here.

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I dig me some tufted furniture and love the color on this one. 

Brooklyn Bridge NYC Nov 2010...another love of mine, bridges.

Mumm's Winery Napa 2011

A toast to blogging in 2011!

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