Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dead Blog

Dear Mike W:

You are correct my blog is dead. I've lost the blog interest or my life just isn't that interesting???
I'll update you bullet style;-)

* Summer started on a bad note and it wouldn't let up. The good news is I spent a day at the lake and everything in my world settled down a bit. I'm a water sign and forget how much I need to see it. Thanks Steph!
* I love, love my internship. I CAN NOT wait to be in the real world designing for real.
* I picked out all the finishes for a veterinarian hospital. The client wanted it to be very spa-like for the doggies. It was fun, stressful and WAY cool. I had to keep all the wacky codes in mind so great challenge. Also, the client like all the finishes I picked, score 1 for me;-)
*I'm suffering with my love/hate for running. Just not into it...I need a new challenge or something different.
*I'm still at Rogue selling dreams and seeing tons of dead toe nails. I don't think people realize I already know what dead toenails look like. I've had my own and quite frankly don't need to see yours. One would be amazed at the things people wanna show me when talking about running...I don't get it. I'm pretty sure I don't wear a sign that begs for you to show me your gnarly feet.
*My birthday is coming and I have NO desire whatsoever to be 36. Yeah, I know it's just a number but as far as I can tell it's a big one and awfully close to the 4-0.
*I went with Kamranto test drive Porsches. I highly recommend this activity. Um, yeah there are no words to describe the way this beautiful sports car drives.
*I have a thing for sports cars, I always have. I had tons of hot wheels when I was a child. I remember saving my money up to go to Wal-Mart and buy new ones. They cost $1.84. I would stand and stare at all of those shiny cars agonizing over which one to buy. I remember having a turquoise trans-am at one point. I loved that car!
*I need a 3rd job. Working for free is rather expensive. sigh.
*I am officially 6 months from graduation. This is going to be one of the BEST days of my life, guaranteed!!! By far the hardest thing I've ever done is go back to school.

Mike does this answer your questions?


erin said...

Katie! Glad you blogged! :) I'm so happy you are liking your internship - that is awesome.

I have no dead toenails to show you, but if you want to see the damage 112 miles in a bike seat can do... Maggie & Dionn can attest to my injuries. ;)

Sadie J said...

You need a shirt for Rogue work that says 'no, I don't need to see your gnarly feet'

It is great to hear the vet liked your finishes! Woo!

Foundation Repair Stafford, TX said...

Sounds like you have been so busy! Love your blog!

<3 Lindsay