Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Chapter

I am soooo excited I started my internship today!!! I will be working part-time at STG Design. There really aren't words that can explain my excitement!! The office is cool and is hidden in the woods so there are plenty of great views. We even have a shower in case someone is running trails before work...oh, this knowledge made me smile.

I think the hardest thing for me to get used to is my computer has 2 gi-normous monitors and I spend half my time trying to open a program and think it hasn't opened only to look to my right and see the so called non-opening file big as Texas staring at me...keep looking to the right. It's gonna take some getting used to.

Oh, this place is so organized it's kinda scary. There is some system (no recollection of the fancy name) where we list our strengths with certain programs like 1-5 and the company defines what each of these numbers means. STG is in the process of switching their main 3D software to Revit and not many people in the office know how to use it. Lucky me, I've been using it for my projects for the past year. Yeah, the computer tech listed me as a 3, which is one number shy of teaching other peeps in the office how to used the program...there are only 3-4 other people in this category with me;-) WooHoo!

In other exciting news I did my first long run today. Let me clarify my definition of a long run that would be a whopping 5 mile run. Baby steps people, baby steps!


Buzz said...

Who did you quote for this post? :) I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying your new work place.

Katie said...

The Cruise Director, of course.

Thanks Buzz!

jeff said...

congrats, katie! it's been a long time coming and i can only imagine how excited you are.

and the two monitor thing is heaven. wait till you sit down at a computer with one screen...or try to do work on a laptop. you feel so...limited. like you're missing a limb.

enjoy and keep at the baby steps!

Maggie said...

sounds so exciting!!! love the showers! and that you already know the program. congrats!

good to see you on the trail the other night.

Priscilla said...

Woo hoo!! Deserves another hug! I have a mental count going on for the next time I see you!

Samantha LeBlanc said...

Awesome news. Congratulations

MikeWinAustin said...

this blog is dead.