Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I seem to be in a processing mode this semester not too worry I only wish to discuss my process of running. I think I've finally made peace with my IBM 10K 'Race' this past weekend. I was frustrated on a lot of levels and am slowly celebrating the small successes that did come from this race. The week I'm having I have to acknowledge the small successes;-)

I haven't run a 10k since I don't know when. Let's just say before Sunday I did NOT have a 10k PR listed in my little running PR box. This leads me to believe it didn't exist;-)

Goal- 46:33 (7:32 pace)
Actual finish- 48:00 (flat, dead even, 7:44 pace)

Once I finished I was very disappointed with my time even though I knew I left nothing on the course I was unhappy with my results. My coach was quick to say find the successes in it, focus on it and let the disappointment go. Ok, I find that way easier said than done. Well, it's Wednesday and I can officially let it go. Remember I'm slow.

My first mistake at this race was to start in the middle. I spent the first mile dodging people in a very tight space. When I saw the first mile time I knew there was no way to hit my goal. I couldn't move any faster than I had just moved and the time sucked!!! With that said I now know to get behind 'the train' and start from there. I know those peeps start very close to the front. Sorry, the rest can pass me, I will be that asshole. My coach said I could, take it up with him.

1mi= 8:18 (WTH?)
2 mi= 7:33
3 mi= 7:28 (14:55 for miles 3 & 4)
4mi= 7:28
5 mi= 7:32
6 mi= 8:15 (wheels are coming off)
.2 mi= 1:27

Here's what I learned from this race. I am a much stronger runner than I was back in '06 both mentally and physically. I ran 10 miles on Saturday and more than likely ran those miles a little too fast. I worked the rest of the day at the store and drank no water. Ok, I don't recommend this as a good pre-race plan just what I had on schedule for the day minus the lack of water. In a way this so called pre-race plan showed me my progress with the ability to push past the dehydration cramps (this used to stop me dead in my tracks) and find a rhythm regardless of pace and get'er done.

So all in all I'm satisfied with this finish. I still have work to do but know my goal is within reach;-)


jeff said...

i hope you're giving yourself some credit here, because you're due.

i don't think you can put pr's on the pr list unless you race them rested. after the training you've been putting in, you're anything but rested. on fresh legs? you'd easily hit sub 46. take that into account.

as far as starting at the front? i say with the huge numbers of slower runners that show up at these events these days, if you're going to run a 7:44, line up right behind the high schoolers, if not AT the start. i'll be your heavy and smack anyone around that gives you crap. haha

erin said...

way to go, Katie. (reframing and all!) :)

Julia said...

Your goals are within your keep slogging, I'll keep slogging, we will run them down!

Sadie J said...

If it's any consolation, you beat my 10k PR, and I am proud of my time. Congrats on finding the small successes. You are awesome.

Dee said...

Great job Katie! Like you said you didn't have the best pre-race rest plan, but look how amazing you did.

IP Maggie said...

you are amazing!!!!
I would say that your time warrants starting at the front.
and remember you weren't training for a 10K PR. regardless, that is an awesome finish time...I think anyways.

Priscilla said...

Hey Katie! what's your email, I need to ask you a question :) Email me at