Wednesday, August 27, 2008


For the most part I'm quite the planner. I map anything and everything out including potential catastrophes. I am always ready for anything that may occur. However, this August I've clearly fallen apart. I start a new semester tomorrow. I have done nothing to prepare for it. In fact I'm willing to bet I don't even carry a notebook with me tomorrow. What has happened to me?

My goals before a semester are to be well rested, organized home and slightly bored with myself. This helps me want to start a new semester. None of this has happened this month. If anything I feel as exhausted as I feel at the end of a semester. Wish me luck!!!

I still need to sign up for an online course that I'm pretty sure started today. Clearly, I'm on top of things;-) Where are my classes tomorrow morning? I have no idea and more than likely will just figure it out tomorrow once I'm on campus. I will say the one thing I've managed to take care of is get the old parking sticker off of my car, which is like ripping your thumb off your hand it's so messy. The new sticker is ready to roll. At the moment I call this success. Seriously, 15 months to go!!!

The one thing I have planned is my entire labor day weekend which involves lots of beer, running and tons of fun...maybe I'm acting more like a freshman. Woo Hoo!


mel said...

I'm not doing much better for the first class that I'm teaching tonight! :)

Have a good first day of school tomorrow.

jeff said...

ooh, katie is going to hit the greek parties and do some table dancing, freshman style! make sure you track down will ferell and do some streaking.

good luck with the new semester. really, it's not so much that your unprepared, it's more that you're familiar with the process and it doesn't require as much planning as it once did. enjoy tomorrow, and don't forget your notebook!

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st day of school!!!

Katie said...


Jeff- I like the way you think. For sure on the partying!

Mel- Hope first day was great!

Steph- thanks!

IP Maggie said...

did you make it to your classes?
hope you had a ton of fun this labor day weekend!

IP Maggie said...

thank you so much for being on SoCo yelling your ass off for me at the Austin Tri!!!!
you RAWK!!!!