Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reckless Kelly

'Nuff said...seriously! Alright, I'll explain. This started back in January towards the end of football season over at Cousin Lyle's house. Well, he's not my cousin but later you'll need to know he's Cousin Lyle (let's call him CL for short). I'm enjoying some wine and chili with CL, M & 510. Later on M looks at me and says Willy and posse are coming to CL's in a bit and she has the look of love in her eyes. Oh, Lord here we go with M and her bad boys. She has a thing for the wild ones. I in turn think nothing of this. Later on Willy and posse show up (aka- Reckless Kelly) since their Lyle's cousin it's normal for them all to hang out. I'm still unimpressed in Willi and posse. M is about to flip out of her chair and I'm more enthralled with my glass of wine.

Fast forward to SXSW in March at the Dirty Dog. I am introduced to my first Reckless Kelly performance. Now, mind you these SXSW shows are only 30 minutes long but I am hooked. All I know is I'm not a country music lover but Willy with his crooked grin have convinced me otherwise.

Nutty Brown Cafe this past Friday I go to my first full performance by Reckless Kelly and I *heart* Willy and his crooked grin. Do NOT think for 2 seconds that grin is meant for you. I am certain he sang to me all night Friday...I had stars in my eyes and will now and forever be a groupie of Reckless Kelly. Sorry, Thievery Corporation I really want to see you when you come to town BUT it's the same night as RK and I'm not the cheatin' kind;-)


Shorey said...

Hahahaha! I've totally been there. Different band, different guy (different decade) but I get it.

mel said...

I'm glad you got out for some fun!