Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Who knew humidity could be my friend, definitely not me! There are times when a good humid day benefits my ego. An old friend of mine was in town for Memorial Weekend and whenever we see each other we always go for a run.

For some odd known reason whenever John and I run the competitive side of me shows up. Our runs are short in distance and the guy has been playing soccer since birth and is still playing…he’s older than me so you do the math. Shorter distances are his forte except for one small fact…he lives in Seattle. This is when humidity is on my side, who knew…

We were set to run Monday at 7am. I wanted to go earlier but John is a wuss. I was on the lake all of Sunday in the hot sun and of course hydrating myself with Tecate beer all day long and topped the night off with quesadillas and a Mexican martini, because this is the best way to prepare for a run in the Texas humidity.

I secretly hoped John would send a text wimping out. No such luck! 7am we’re off. I was a tad concerned we may see my Mexican martini from the night before…Actually when we took off there was a nice drizzle. The drizzle was short lived and followed by some serious soup like conditions for us to run in.

The first 2 miles of our run were pretty uneventful. The second 2 miles I really thought the quesadillas were on their way back to haunt me. I could tell my Seattle friend was suffering. We talked steadily in the first 2 miles. The second half of our run he kept asking me open ended questions, which I know was a trick to make me talk and run out of breath. No such luck Hot Shot! My goal is to torture you today! Honestly, when we passed the rowing club I wanted to crawl into a canoe and wait for my death. However, John was 2 steps behind me and I couldn’t give into my weakness so we kept plodding along back to the Rock.

He admitted later on at coffee that he was wiped out. His Mother confirmed he had been complaining since we got done running. Mission accomplished!!!

I think the torture good ‘ole Johnny experienced is payback for choosing to ski Tahoe instead of pacing me at the AT&T Marathon back in ’07. Just sayin.’

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Maggie said...

I am all for hydrating with Tecate beer all day long and topping it off with quesadillas and a Mexican martini!!!