Monday, February 25, 2008

NYC Marathon

You have been entered into the lottery for the
2008 ING New York City Marathon!

Entry #218561
Please use this number for any correspondence relating to your marathon entry
Entry #218561
Katie Johnson

Processing Fee: $11.00
Total: $11.00
The following fees will be charged to your account ONLY if you are accepted into the race.
Entry Fee: $155.00
Total: $155.00

Well, I've entered the lottery for the NY Marathon. If my entry # is 218561 is that how many people have entered their name as well??? That's a ton of people. I wish I had been entering the lottery for the past 3 years...I think that's guaranteed entry or is it 4 years??? Oh, well I'm starting now;-)


JohnF said...

Ouch! That is a lot of people. Good luck.

mel said...

First Holly, now you. Ya'll just may make me put my hat in the ring too...

Katie said...

The funny thing, is I secretly (or not so secretly anymore) don't want to get in due to other plans BUT it starts the whole rejection process. They only reject you so many times before they finally say, yes!!!

mel said...

I know what you mean. I think I'm going to enter the lottery for St. George again this year, hoping that I don't get in because K pointed out that planning a wedding and marathon training might be a bit too much (even for me) so that I'll get an automatic entry next year when I'll probably be more ready to train anyway.

holly said...

I am all about getting the rejection over with. Unless of course I somehow manage to run a 3:20 marathon. Stop laughing, it might happen :)