Friday, November 16, 2007

Kenny- Project 2

Ok, since the current drawings I'm working on for Monday's class are about to kill me I thought I would torture you 4 kind souls once again;-) BTW- thanks for the kind comments...they were nice!

I am now going to tell you all about my first large project in Design Development (the course I took in a 5 week session of summer school). This is a courtyard designed for a dentist's office. The obstacles given to us are a running path straight down the middle of the building (being a runner I thought piece of cake I get this). Next obstacle is a 16ft of mass (WTF?) that you can only cut a 1/3 into or move. This made NO sense to me whatsoever. Thank goodness we had to draw plans of our ideas before the actual building was to take place. This saved me bookoodles of money and the headache of having to restart the damn thing. I couldn't wrap my head around this dumb ass blob thing Nance kept referring to. I would like to say I was NEVER operating on all 4 cylinders during this 5 week period. Sleep- well 4 hours a night seemed like a luxury. Ok, this explanation is going to be super long so as always skip to the pic;-) Next hurdle is there has to be 2 walking paths through the courtyard, excluding the running path, needs to be this column ass thing you can't cut into, 2 separate rooms or cornered off and one of the rooms needs to be a meditation area...this is one weird courtyard.

without further ado I will introduce my final courtyard piece. The blue piece of paper on one of the walls is a water wall...ew and ah if you must;-p

PS- before I load the pix...the crap around the courtyard is the dentist's office.
PPS- it's cut in 2 because we had to do a section view which means building the 2 pieces separately, hence the reason they don't fit perfectly together.


MikeW said...

more more more!

KP said...

Yeah, this really is fascinating - it's a totally foreign world to me anyway, so thanks for opening the door, or, er, the sectional courtyard walking path entrance... yeah, that thing.

Good job!