Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Don't Wanna

I honestly can't do anymore homework today...nevermind that my drawings won't be complete for tomorrow's class, I just can't do it. The sad thing is I know my professor is going to give me a 'B' whether I bust my butt or half-ass the project so I've decided not to kill myself over this and now I'm just procrastinating.

December 11th this semester will end then I get 4 free weeks and I have no intentions of using my brain.
DISCLAIMER- I can NOT be held accountable for anything I say or do from Dec 11th- Jan 13th. Consider yourselves ( all 4 of you) warned!!!


MikeW said...

Irresponsible Katie!

Shorey said...

sometimes irresponsible feels good.

wazooligan said...

heh, this is funny. It seems we're in the same predicament, at the same time. It's Sunday night and I'm trying to get myself to work on a project for tomorrow, and I googled "I don't wanna" (what is going through my mind) and "procrastination" and came up with this post.

ironmaggie said...

uh...I've been saying "I can NOT be held accountable for anything I say or do" since saturday night.
...and I love procrastinating!!
we'll need to celebrate after dec 11th!

Buzz said...

Do you normally use your brain?

Katie said...

Kiss it, Buzz!!!