Monday, August 13, 2007


Wiley- in answer to your question have I let go of the blog...yes, I have. I really have to pick and choose my battles these days with the school thing. Yes, I will be using the school excuse for the next 2 1/2 years;)

For today I had an eeewwww moment on the trail. We took off this morning at 6am (I'd like to mention that I'm out of school this week- I would also like to pat myself on the back for getting up before 6am to run). Our plan an easy 4 miler. There were 3 of us so I'm on the outside lane and I try to be aware of people coming the other way so I can either drop back or speed up to give the other peeps room. Granted I can't see in the dark so this is a hit or pun intended, which will make sense in a few. Today we are cruising along chatting away when boom dude runs right smack into the right side of my body. We have been running for maybe 5 minutes so I'm not nasty yet but this SCRAWNY dude was SLIMY...i was running in a sports bra so had nothing to wipe his nastiness off of me. G-R-O-D-Y. Maybe I shouldn't run on the trail this week;)

Just to continue with the eewww theme for today. I'm at Green Muse working on my computer because I still haven't gotten internet at home. There is an old dude sitting at the bar thing right next to me facing me for some odd known reason. The place is empty with tons of cushy places to chill, but no he's sitting here facing me doing nothing...well, almost nothing, he just let out a nice sized belch. What is it with me today. It's not even 9am and apparently it's going to be one nasty day!