Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Week 1 of Training

Holy Toledo! What a first week of training!! Last I wrote I still had to do the Saturday 12 miler as well as an easy Sunday run.

Saturday's route was the St. Ed's loop. I've never done this one before and I'm real sure I've never seen so many hills in one run. Granted these hills don't come out in full force until after you've run through campus. I did have Dimples with me (we ran the long runs together last year) and if it wasn't for her I'm not so sure I wouldn't have crawled the hills instead of run, however, we stumbled through it together and it was fantastic!

BTW- I think today is the first day my legs haven't howled with pain.

Week 2 of Training

Monday I had my 1 on 1 with "Cutie" Coach Sisson. Side note I don't think you'll find a woman in Rogue that doesn't agree with me on Cutie.

Tuesday we were to do 2 X Mariposa. This is a 2.5 mile loop through Travis Heights that hasn't been done before. Let's just say the first loop was a cluster f**k. Cutie Coach didn't realize how long it would take to mark the course. Needless to say there were a few wrong turns taken in the dark and we all know this never works in the runners favor. I honestly thought death was an option. I'm going to have to consult Buzz on how one pukes and keeps on going (he learned this trick during last years marathon). I had my arse handed to me today. I've got lots of hill work-outs headed my way. Today not so good.

5 days and I'm Tokyo bound!!


MikeW said...

Sometimes I wish i was still doing PP, but then, when my alarm rings at 5:45, and I roll over to snooze it, I change my mind.

But I am jealous in a masochistic sort of way, that I didn't get to do a tough ass Mariposa workout!

Never run St Eds? wow. I think in the measily year I've run, I've dne it 5 times. I hate it. It's my nemesis. HATE IT

Katie said...

Yeah, I really dig the early am work-outs, then I have free evenings.

These tough ass work-outs are making me feel like Sheerah!Watch-out!!

Mike said...

Have a sweet assed trip!

Lupedawg said...

The key to running and vomiting at the same time: make sure the puke misses your shoes.

Jane said...

Definitely a cutie...
You're a lucky to be on Sisson's team.

Oh wait, did you say 5:45??
Never mind.