Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tokyo Bound

The time has finally come...I didn't think it would ever get here. Vacation to Tokyo. My BF from San Francisco, Ranya Louise (no her family didn't name her Louise, but being a southern girl I added the Louise part) and I are on our way to Tokyo. Honestly, I didn't think vacation would ever get here. We booked this flight back in July to leave mid-September that's a long time to wait. I have no idea how people plan any further out than this. I'd go insane.

All I know is Ranya Louise and Katherine Anne (that's my full name) get into ALOT of trouble when we're together. It's going to be 2 full fabulous weeks of trouble together. Ready, set, GO...

If I get a chance I'll let y'all know that we are there...otherwise may not post until October when I'm back.

Wiley- I've set a post record for me, 4 posts in 1 month, just sayin'.


MikeW said...

make it 5!!!

Jane said...


You better not let Panther see you using words like "alot". You might send him into one of his fits. It's "a lot" with the space. I really don't care how you write, but I do care about my friend Panther and I don't like to see him worked up into a tizzy over stuff like this ;-)

Have a BLAST in TOKYO!!

Love you alot,