Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ms. Impatience

Well, I've joined the blackhole of dating that is. I think they should call it online surfing or lurking or something because dating is a strong term, and at the rate my winks aren't being returned it's really just online surfing for me. Don't get me wrong a freak from the Bronx e-mailed me some love letter that is for sure a cut & paste routine that he sends to tons of women. I figure he's either looking for a green card or a sugar momma. Keep in mind my profile states I'm looking in a 20mile radius of Austin, ages 30-39. I guess men really are optimistic. My other peeve with this b.s. is those that don't post a picture. Do they really think I'm going to waste time on their profile? I delete those immediately. The majority of the profiles are the same so to keep me from going cross-eyed I get rid of the boys with no pic. I just don't get that one at all. Oh, yeah, they've winked at me too. I must confess I'm a tad shallow...if I don't think you're cute I'm just not interested.

With all of the above said I have since joined 2 other dating sites/surfing sites...I refuse to lose this bizarre game! I will find someone cute/interesting to go on a date with before I go on vacation next month!!


MikeW said...

I guess you could always try the Chronicle personals:

"SWF seeks SC(cute)M for quick date before I leave on vacation. Send picture. If you ain't cute, you don't stand a chance."

Mike said...

Congrats on getting back to dating and the whole PP early morning run thing still blows my mind.