Friday, February 01, 2013

Things You See

I always forget how much more I see of Austin when I'm on foot. Need to be checking things out more often before the 200 degree weather hits. Sunday morning I decided to go out and tour South Lamar while there was no traffic. For the record, I really wish I thought of this prior to the demolitioning of Alamo Drafthouse. Damn hindsight 20/20. Not too worry, there was tons to see.
Very important place on S. Lamar, Saxon Pub

 Alamo Shopping Center was here...

Stores that made up the Alamo Shopping Center. I really need to look at the renderings of the new shopping center, see if it meets with my approval, ha!

I have driven up and down S. Lamar countless times and never once have I noticed this precious green house...

Nope never noticed this yellow building either. And these are things I noticed when on foot on S. Lamar.

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