Friday, November 23, 2012

E.A.S.T Austin Tour

It was a fantastic weekend, hanging out with old college friends, perusing art, meeting new people and live music, of course. How was your weekend?
Below are some of the awesome artists I saw during the E.A.S.T Austin Tour. Enjoy~
Haven by Rebecca Rothfus
You really need to see Rebecca's stuff in person the layers are amazing. I love work that involves pencil, it reminds me of all the sketching I had to do in Design school. 
Matt Mason
Matt has a variety of sketches, drawings and sculpture. It was fun chatting with him about his process and the things he finds to put in his work. Different for sure! 
Elisa Gomez
Reconciliation by Paul Meyer
One of my stops I ran into my first Drawing Professor from Design school. Technically, he's an artist and I totally forgot he has work all over Austin. I ran into him and was reintroducing myself to him (it's been 5 years since I've seen him), he had that glazed over look, like, no recollection of me at all. Anyway, I didn't take a pic of his work and his site doesn't let me download, but check him out. Shawn Camp.
Ok, seems quite a few artists don't let you use work from their website and I didn't snap pix at all of our stops...bummed. One artist is sending me a Jpeg of a hers I loved...I will share it soon.
It was a great tour!!!

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