Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Beast

Confession- I'm not working out much these days and while I'm ok with this decision, there is a member of my household who is not. Now, when I say not working out I mean I'm not running. I've got a minor injury that involves fierce stretching, which I'm actually doing, but it will take time before I can really run again...we won't discuss my lack of motivation. 
There is another challenge. I get up early every day, as in 5am with the exception of Sat where it's 6am wake-up. I am currently addicted to waking up early for my coffee (some may refer to as sugar & cream with a splash of coffee) and an hour to read before getting ready for work. 
Here is the end result of my selfishness...
 The above object was once a flower note pad that is now a block of sealed slobber thanks to the Beast. I am convinced that dog slobber has the equivalent seal strength as duct tape.
The culprit who is smiling, seriously!!! Here's the sad thing the guy is not exercise deprived I take him on long walks EVERY single day, play fetch and sometimes he gets to romp around with his bestie, Tosso.
So, Monday we start our morning runs. My right leg can fall off for all I care, I'm done with the above mess!

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