Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Member

Introducing BRONCO!!! I am a proud mama of a Boxer Mix. I've been looking for a running pawtner (pun intended) for a while now. A few trials with some other dogs that didn't work out, then a friend posted she needed to find an active, loving home for her dog, Bronco. Here we are:

Keeping the 'hood safe!

Please pet me, I'm so cute...

Very happy after an evening walk even if it's 400 degrees.

Wiped out after a morning trail run. We're currently building up his base mileage...He LOVES to run. Saturday mornings are sad when I put on my running shoes and leave him behind...he's not real sure what to think of that quite yet.


shubbe said...

He's so, so cute, Katie.

Katie said...

Thanks, Amy!