Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is it true?

I had a silly text exchange today with Julia that made me laugh and wonder if what I was asking for was too much.
Reason for the text exchange- I have been hired for an 8 week contract position with STG Design (very exciting!). Hopefully, at the end of 8 weeks there will be more projects and I'll get hired on as a full-time employee.
Julia heard about my exciting news and sends me the following text:
J- "I hear you are a hot item now. What happens now if I ever get a house? How will I afford you?
What will I do?"
Me- "Well, I'm not into the lesbo thing. Perhaps, you can find me a hot suitable, stable, wealthy,
driven, emotionally available man and we call it even.
J-"Uh, would you take something a little easier? A flying purple people eater or something?

I fell out laughing. Apparently, I am asking for too much. Oh, well!

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dr mel said...

Congrats on the contract position! Very exciting. Fingers crossed that it will turn into something permanent for you.

And, good luck finding that guy. HA!