Saturday, September 12, 2009


Ok, I'm at home working on my programming binder for my FINAL project. I feel the need to bold the word final and will probably have this need until mid-December when it IS final as in finito. I know I never blog so now that I'm in full on procrastinating mode I may pick the blogging habit up again.

The point of this post is the strangeness of spell check in Word. I don't remember it always being this odd, but then again I'm an American with very little English skills. I still make a point to hit the spell check button and am amazed at how many things Word thinks I should change that are WRONG. Tonight is no different. I hit spell check and it wants me to put a comma in a place that makes no sense then it wants me to change the word people to peopled. On first glance I thought geez, Word has lost it, but as I stated earlier I'm no English wizard and I'm an American. Notice I keep mentioning I'm American, because the name Katie Johnson doesn't scream American loud enough??? Ok, so I decide to test Word and it's spell check knowledge. I look up the word peopled and low and behold there is a definition for this so called word. There happened to be a link to asking if I wanted peopled to be used in a sentence. You bet I wanted it to be used in a sentence. At this point I don't believe word or so I click the link and here is the sentence, "We seem, as it were, to have conquered and peopled half the world in a fit of absence of mind." I will not click the change button for this word in my word document.


Maggie said...

ha. well it makes ya think, huh? or thunk?
I understand the procrastination thing. anytime before a final, my apartment would be spotless! I would vacuum, scrub, anything to put off studying.

Sadie J said...

What is your sentence? people vs peopled

Happy for you and your FINAL project, despite the procrastination. It is only the best way to work.