Friday, March 13, 2009

Decisions that SUCK!

It's been a long day and one that should have been a happy day since it's the kick-off for spring break...but this thing called adulthood really put a damper on my happy day. I kind of think I need to avoid Friday the 13th from here on out seeing as we've had 2 in the past 2 months and they've both involved some not so great news I'm officially boycotting from now on;-)

It is with great sadness I have decided to postpone my Boston Marathon to 2010. I'm sure I'm making a bigger deal out of this than necessary, but I have shed some tears over today's decision. I am rarely one to have FoMo but I will for sure have it come April 20th.


MikeW said...

Nuh uh.
: (

erin said...

If you want some distracting company on April 20th, you just let me know. The good thing about Boston is that I am 99.99% sure it will be there next year!

Julia said...

It is a big deal so you deserve being bummed about it. We will all go next year when your school, etc, is nothing more than a vague memory... And we will have a rocking good time!

Priscilla said...

Oh, Katie, I'm sorry. What a big decision, but I'm sure you made it for the right reasons and you'll be a better and stronger person for it later. I don't care what you're saying, I'm giving you a hug next time I see you!!!!!!!

kristenbaucher said...

Don't feel bad about shedding tears. I did the same thing. Maybe we should have a party on the 20th during race time :)