Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Still Processing...

I'm still trying to wrap my head around my race this past weekend. It was good, bad & ugly.

The Good:
I finished in 3:45:30 which is a 4 minute PR as well as my Boston Qualifying time.
I ran the first 19 miles with my running peeps.
The 3:45 pacer coming up on me at mile 25ish and dragging my ass to the end.
I left nothing on the course.
Team Rogue on the sidelines at end screaming for me- trust me I heard you!
My coaches and friends on streets throughout the race screaming with encouragement.

The Bad:
I was cold.
I missed my goal of 3:39 for the second time.
Mile 18ish realizing it was NOT my day.

The Ugly:
Blurry vision from mile 20 on.
I think I might have bonked. Still processing.
Absolutely no control over my legs in the final 10k. I've never been here before.
Frozen hands, i.e. dysfunctional.

So, the good out weighs the bad and I get to continue training with my peeps in the spring as we get ready to tackle Boston in April;-)


holly said...

Good Job! Even if you didn't have a perfect day, you still did wonderful!

I am so proud of you! You get to go to BOSTON!

jeff said...

don't kid yourself. you were AMAZING. i think, when you toe the line with all those other peeps in hopkinton, you'll be singing another tune. there is nothing like boston.

you and i both know what a fickle beast the marathon is and so many factors come into play on race day. that you sucked it up and turned in a pr PLUS a bq is something to be incredibly proud of.

there are so many people out there right now just in utter awe of you. pat yourself on the back and take a well earned rest, katie. you deserve it.

kristenbaucher said...

i'm pretty sure we need to start making travel plans :)

JohnF said...

Tremendous effort building up these months for the race. Congrats on the BQ.

Priscilla said...

I'm so proud of you for not giving up, you did an amazing job. Boston, here you come!!!

Dee said...

Congratulations Girl! What a way to wrap up your running season and get ready to focus on the next mission. You are a super star, you balanced work and school and still had an amazing race.

go see my sidenote to your sidenote...cute girls.

Amy said...

Whoah woman! A PR is a PR is a PR! Congrats on pulling it off!! Time to update that sidebar on your blog:)

Looking forward to some runs together to prep for Boston...

Buzz said...

Way to go superstar.

Anonymous said...

Amazing race with all the challenges. Think how you'll feel when it all comes together!

Maggie said...

wow Katie! Congratulations on an amazing race!
a PR! check!
a BQ! check!

sounds like a great day to me!

Priscilla said...

Are you ever going to blog again??? I miss your quotes!