Thursday, June 12, 2008

Male Magnet

For sure that's me...let me explain. About 2 weeks ago I got in a car accident with an uninsured motorist. It happened at 6pm on a Friday, the Friday before school started...why the girl couldn't pull out in front of me in early May is beyond me, but whatever.

On Monday I got my rental car and I think it's safe to say my sex appeal has been elevated to a whole nother level;-) The pic says it all...

I know you want me to swing by your house and take you for a ride. Seriously, I have never been a ZZ Top fan except for the day some random dude behind me on the streets of San Francisco sang 'She's Got Legs' while walking behind me...that is the only time I've liked that band.

It is safe to say I have a new found love for my Jetta. This Cruiser or as my sister says, the PT Loser, has the handling skills of a tricycle. The first morning I had to drive the thing I hit every curb in my drive trying to get out of my house. Note to self there is absolutely no radius on this wheel axle. Bummer take one. Next in line is driving on I-35. I put the accelerator to the floor, nothing. I swear a good 30 seconds go by before the 'Loser' realized I meant move forward. Bummer #2. Nevermind speed, this thing has none. If you consider going over 70mph there is some serious lateral convulsing going on in this car. Bummer take 3. Last but not least there are hills on I-35 between Austin and San Marcos...I know I had never noticed before either, well, until the 'Loser'. This excuse of a vehicle drops to a snails pace if you ask it to drive up hill...mind you you've been speeding for awhile so it's not like you woke it up first thing in the morning and said 'please, could you drive 80mph up Mt. Bonell.' no, you've been going 70 mph for a while now but no, we must drop to 40mph. My dear sweet Jetta does none of this. I can't wait to have her back;-)

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Shorey said...

I've never liked the PTC. I have been known to demand a different car when the rental agency tries to give me one. No way!